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Top 10 Self Drive Tips

There is nothing more exciting than taking to the open road. Exploring new destinations at your own pace, experiencing a new adventure everyday. Our very own Roz Nielsen has done many self drive holidays including the hills of Tuscany, France and Switzerland. Then closer to home New Zealand, Tasmania, Great Ocean Road, Melbourne to Adelaide, South Australian wine regions including Kangaroo Island and most recently the Queensland Outback and sunny North Queensland. Check out Roz's Top 10 Self Drive Tips.

1. Work out how many bags and size of bags you will have before you book the car. Car rental companies do not permit luggage to be stacked in the back of SUV vehicles which impede your rear view.

2. Calculate the daily mileage you will require between stays as time, distance, hilly terrain and multiple tourist sites can add to the time it takes between A & B and you may find an extra night is required.

3. Always calculate stays in each place as 2 nights/1 day as you are often driving in and driving out and don’t allow for activities of where you are staying.

4. Driving can be tiring so don’t have too many days that have 4 hours or longer driving as you will be exhausted by the end and will need another holiday to recover.

5. Give the driver a break and book some coach day tours at destinations so the driver gets to enjoy the road trip too.

6. Plan at least 1 or 2 stays with self contained facilities where there is washing facilities available.

7. Ensure your accommodation has car parking. Close to the door and complementary is best, but that may not be the case in cities and parking can be anywhere from $30 to $60 per day to park at the hotel.

8. Snacks – ensure you have some in the car for the trip. I pack a transparent plastic long storage box with these and some cutlery, plastic plates and basic condiments for impromptu picnics.

9. First Aid Kit , doesn’t have to be big, just a basic small one is fine.

10. Don't forget to pack water and sunscreen or a scarf as hire cars do not always have tinted windows to protect you from the sun.

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