Teeing off in Paradise

Article reposted with permission from Tourism Whitsundays

Image supplied by Tourism Whitsundays: 15th hole Hamilton Island Golf Club

WHEN we consider all the different sports from around the world, there is perhaps no sport where the boundary of the playing area varies more than golf. Cricket and Aussie Rules fans rightly adore the hallowed turf of the MCG, but ultimately the 22 yard pitch and grass of the oval field are nearly identical to any other cricket field around the world, albeit with a few more grandstands.

Golf is different, no two holes, let alone courses are the same. Each golf game is a new experience and that’s the sense of excitement, the quest to challenge the unknown, the unpredictability that drives us. Golfers, no matter the ability, are all beaming with enthusiasm when walking up to the 1st tee, knowing there is an approximately 6,000 metre journey to the 18th green awaiting them.

Whether you’re like me and your annual leave exists purely to play golf, a weekend enthusiast looking for a new challenge, or just happen to have an afternoon free whilst enjoying the region’s attractions, there’s not too many better places in Australia to enjoy golf than The Whitsunday, Mackay and Isaac Regions.

Green outback oasis’, friendly country town golf clubs, challenging tournament style courses, oceanside resort layouts to a golf course that is literally its own island – there’s so much on offer that makes The Whitsundays, Mackay and Isaac regions the ultimate golfing holiday.

Whitsunday Golf Courses

Includes: Hamilton Island Golf Club, Proserpine Golf Club, Whitsunday Green, Bowen Golf Club and Collinsville Golf Course

The Whitsundays are world famous for sun, golden sands and the turquoise waters of the Coral Sea. Where else to start a Whitsundays golf blog than the course that embodies the breathtaking beauty of this region, Hamilton Island Golf Club. A common piece of advice given to amateur golfers is ‘keep your head down’. At no other golf course in the world is following this advice more difficult than this incredible destination. Launching a white golf ball into the tropical blue sky, and seeing it come down onto lush green fairways, lined by crystal blue Whitsunday waters is an experience no golfer will ever forget.

Recommended access to Hamilton Island is via the excellent Cruise Whitsundays ferry services that depart from Airlie Beach. Green fees then cover the ferry from Hamilton Island over to Dent Island, which the golf course solely occupies. Golfers are greeted on arrival to Dent by a magnificent clubhouse that’s a perfect spot to enjoy a meal or drink whilst gazing upon the Coral Sea views.

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