6 of our Top Wildlife Experiences

Encounters with animals in their natural habitat are nothing short of breathtaking and wonderful. From discovering the gorillas in Uganda, exploring the rugged Canadian tundra in search of polar bears and diving in and swimming with whale sharks in Mexico, there is just something about a wild animal encounter that you’ll be captivated by.

Here are 6 of our top picks for wildlife encounters that will leave you in awe of this amazing planet and the animals we share it with.

1. Discover Gorillas in Uganda

Imagine travelling deep into the Ugandan Bwindi Impenetrable forests in search of endangered mountain gorillas. Coming close to these giants is a truly unique, exclusive and once-in-a-lifetime experience.


2. Encounter Polar Bears in Churchill, Canada Picture yourself cruising on a Tundra Buggy along the sub-Arctic province of Manitoba in central Canada, Churchill where you get up close and personal with these 1,200-kilogram giants in their icy playground.


3. Explore Penguins in Antarctica Embark on an adventure like no other as you journey across the drake passage on a voyage to meet the penguins of Antarctica. Be captivated by their bold personalities and curious nature. Depending on which season you land, perhaps you’ll witness the mating rituals or be lucky enough to encounter fluffy baby chicks after they hatch!

@Ponant/Antarctica penguins

4. Experience Royal Bengal Tigers in West Bengal, India Why not take a safari to the Sundarbans Tiger Reserve in West Bengal India, where you’ll get a face to face experience with a couple of these marvellous man-eaters. You’ll feel the atmosphere of the jungle change when a tiger is close. The air fills with the sound of animal warnings and you can feel the tension as a majestic tiger enters their territory…. Be ready to be awed!

[Image: National Geographic Stock]

5. Marvel Orangutans in Borneo, Indonesia An encounter with an orangutan in its natural environment is one of the world’s great – and increasingly rare wildlife experiences. Trek through the lush, untamed jungle of Borneo Indonesia and find yourself marvelling a mother orangutan and her adorable baby just metres away.