Wouldn’t you prefer a perfect honeymoon rather than a 4-slice toaster or a rubber backed tartan travel rug?

With the Helloworld Travel Bridal Registry, your family and friends can contribute towards the cost of your honeymoon, as their wedding gift to you. Helloworld Travel will help you choose your dream location and take care of all your travel,
accommodation, insurance and foreign exchange needs. Your wedding guests then make contributions in your  honour towards your honeymoon. We even supply cards
to go out with your wedding invitations.


Turn your Honeymoon dream into a reality. Talk to us today about our Helloworld Travel Bridal Registry or click on the link to download the registration form.


  1. Discuss your dream honeymoon with your Helloworld Travel consultant.

  2. Decide on the location, travel and accommodation details of your honeymoon.

  3. Make a booking and provide the required deposit and Bridal Registry establishment fee. Take note of deposit and final payment conditions.

  4. Complete a Bridal Registry Registration Form.

  5. Tell your Helloworld Travel consultant how many wedding invitations will be sent out and they will provide Contributor Invitation cards that you can send out with your wedding invitations.

  6. Once your guests decide to contribute to your honeymoon, they need to complete the Contributor Invitation Card and bring it, mail it or email it to the Helloworld Travel agency with their money or payment details.

  7. The money received from your guests will be kept confidentially in a travel account in your name.

  8. Your guests will receive a receipt and a Congratulations Card that they can include with the wedding card they give to you.

  9. When the final contribution is received from your guests, your Helloworld Travel consultant will credit your travel account with the total of all contributions and then inform you of the balance and any outstanding amounts needed to pay for your honeymoon in full.

  10. Once your account has been finalised your travel documents will be presented to you.

Hello Dream Honeymoon!